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How Clean Should Your Airbnb be?

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

One big question for hosts is how clean does their rental need to be. As we all know cleanliness is the #1 part of hosting your space. Your review will depend on it. So the answer is VERY, VERY clean. It seems there are many variations on this standard. In my opinion the best way to manage expectations is by asking myself, how would I feel about the space if I was the guest? Seems like a simple enough answer but often we think of cleaning as just a checklist. Having said that, I am a queen of checklists and believe It's the name of the game. However, there are always those few items that are not on the checklist and could easily be missed as a cleaner but of course as a guest you would notice. This is why it is so important to hire someone who has a keen eye for the little details. Soon I'll be posting my lengthy checklist that I use for every home. For now, here is one article that gives some good insight on industry standards. Enjoy the learning!

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